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We offer technology consulting services. 

We are a team of experts with extensive knowledge, where specialization, experience and adaptability is what characterizes us.

Best Service

Make sure your infrastructure is working properly by contracting our services, you will have a specialized team capable of solving problems in your network at all levels.

Specialization and knowledge

Count on a technical team specialized in the main manufacturers of the market. Advance with new technologies, counting on the best.

Advance Vision 2030 with the best.

Your projects must be aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, we can help you and make your projects match the target. Our team of experts can provide you with the support you need. Implementing the new technologies of the future.
We have a group of experts to provide the support you need.

Customized consulting

Customers need solutions that apply to their specific scenario, specific needs. That is why we believe that technology must think first of all about you. We consider that the most important thing is to meet your requirements, so we design solutions designed for each of you. We bet on the latest generation technologies that lead to greater development.


Protect and secure your sensitive data.

The security of your organization is the most important thing. In an increasingly digitized world, having the means and tools of cybersecurity make the difference.

Active Response and Monitoring

Through our SOC, we help you address the growing cyber threats and protect your critical business assets. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we do incident analysis, develop policies and procedures understanding not only the nature of the events but preventing them from reoccurring.

Comprehensive Project Solutions

Entrust your projects to a top-tier team for guidance and execution. With the capability and expertise to navigate any technological undertaking, we guarantee its triumph. Depend on us to assure the quality and feasibility of your project.

Embrace cutting-edge technologies and enlist adept teams for seamless execution.

Protection is your greatest Reputation.

Protect your digital assets to ensure the continuity of your business, we are here to help you establish the most optimal security measures to protect against emerging threats.

Improve your security

Count on us and protect your digital assets, strengthening your organization. Prepare your company to face the growing cyber threats.



Scale to the next level.

Transform your organization and the way you manage resources. Ensuring flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. In addition to greater agility and development.

Use Value Applications
Manage your company's activity with applications that bring you value. Integrating with Power BI, we provide you with CRM, Helpdesk and all kinds of applications to help you optimize and improve your processes.

Development and Innovation
Leverage the potential of artificial intelligence to optimize your financial resources. Boost efficiency, gain versatility and provide your company with the essential tools to stay competitive. Decrease IT burdens, minimize human errors and reduce your operating expenses.

Safeguard your business continuity, steer clear of disruptions, and fortify your company.

Entrust the administration of your system to us. With our managed services, we guarantee:

  • Uninterrupted Protection
  • Economical Operations
  • Limitless Resources
  • Perpetual Updates
  • Seamless Integration
  • Enhanced Availability
  • Business Disaster Recovery
  • Optimal Service Effectiveness and Quality

Cutting corners is not an option; an inefficient service could jeopardize your business. We furnish the protection, resolution, administration, and security required.

Let us propel you forward with future-ready technologies.

Change is progress
Experience significant evolution through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Seize the opportunity to modernize processes, improve agility and redefine the customer experience. We help you with change to Turn those challenges into opportunities, adopt with our innovative and disruptive technologies and lead change in an increasingly digital world. Digital transformation is the path to a more efficient, connected and sustainable business future."


Connect with confidence, navigate with speed.

Connect and communicate efficiently with our advanced networking solutions.

Jump to Software Defined Network

We hold the conviction that emerging technologies should streamline and foster progress and ongoing enhancement. That's why our dedication lies in intelligent solutions aligned with the ethos of: Simplicity with Efficiency.

Scalability, Flexibility, Centralization, Control, Programmability—these represent merely a glimpse of the advantages bestowed by SDN. We will guide you in overseeing your services and reshaping your network structure.

Bid farewell to the conventional and step into the future. Elevate your operations to a realm of superior performance.

Is your network prepared for the future?

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we enhance network access control, ensuring a blend of security, quality, and simplicity.

The network stands as the bedrock of organizations, and contemporary transformations emphasize speed and automation, all while alleviating the burden on IT departments. This results in streamlined management without sacrificing security.

Are you prioritizing what matters most? We assist you in affirming that the answer is a resounding yes.

How about your connectivity reach?

In a world that mandates constant connection, the real inquiry isn't whether we are connected – today, we all are. The pivotal question is the caliber of our connection, especially when the network faces congestion. Why settle for mediocrity when we can attain expansive, superior coverage? Initiate the shift and ensure heightened efficiency. We empower you to redefine your connectivity.

Achieve swifter connections across multiple devices with reduced power consumption.

Monitoring and Control

In an industry that relentlessly demands innovation and dynamism to remain competitive, sustaining market presence requires balancing these factors without disrupting operations or incurring financial losses. However, this doesn't warrant persisting with outdated systems. With Enecworld, you can embrace both quality and innovation without jeopardizing availability. Propel your operations into autonomy. Safeguard the quality of your processes by partnering with the right technology ally.

Administer your production environment in real-time and securely. We leverage technologies like ModBus and industrial protocols such as SCADA, KNX, PLC, HMI, etc., for meticulous traffic analysis.

Efficiently fortify a critical environment – trust in us for robust protection.